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My Approach

My aim is to provide you with a safe, confidential space wherein you can talk about the losses, stresses, confusion, conflicts, and other pain in your life in a judgement-free space. My role is to listen, support, and perhaps help you with theoretical insight to either change what is possible in your life or to live more contentedly and creatively with that which is not. I do not give advice, make diagnoses or prognoses, give evaluator reports, or in any way disempower you from finding your own solutions to your situation. It is important to note that emotional pain may initially increase after the commencement of counselling as awareness increases and some protective barriers are possibly removed.

The meaning of integrative therapy

Integrative therapy is tailored to your needs. Issues will dictate the modalities integrated into the work. If you are experiencing any of the feelings above,

Exploring your past and present can help you become more self-aware of "why' you feel the way you do. Discovering this will inform a plan for behavioural change and positive outcomes.

I offer both online and in-person consultations to provide convenient and flexible options for my clients.

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